The Irantia
Oasis of Happiness

Are you happy? Happy people create a happy world.
What can you do to make yourself happier?
Take the luck into one's hand.

„Happy people create a happy world.“

Patrizia Pfister

Get energy from the “gas station to happiness” FOR FREE

Only if you get enough energy from above and below, will you have the strength to get through everyday, or even your whole life.

No energy, no happiness.

Through this gift your connection to heaven and earth will be restored.
It would be ideal if you listened to it at night, in order to fall asleep faster and to replenish your energy reserves during the night.

The more you listen to this, the better.

The Irantia Oasis of Happiness


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Seals of Solomon

Volume I: Mary-Magdalene
Patrizia Pfister

Miria, an antique dealer from Nuremberg, after returning from a trip to Israel, wakes up every morning from a nightmare that ends with the death of Jesus on the cross. She feels all the pain and suffering that happened to him. Because she can only ever remember the crucifixion scene, but not what happened before it, and because the permanent emotional stress associated with it affects her life, she seeks professional help, and this sets in motion a chain of events that drives her ceaselessly toward an unknown goal. The path to that goal takes her all the way to the Vatican but also into the memories of a young woman named Miriam, who lived in Christ’s time and will later be called Mary Magdalene.


This includes 72,000 chakras, 16,000 seals and similar „formations“ that form the energetic framework of the individual light bodies and their layers. Of course, we can not know everyone in this vast number, but those relevant to our lives here on earth, and especially our healing and development, are used in this medicine and taught in the training. The I-AM therefore includes this energetic framework, but also the entire being with its past, present and future, so it is an even more comprehensive „form of medicine“ than the so-called „holistic medicine“. Namely, the I-AM deals with the entire path of a being-form that has incarnated here as a human being and with the consequences that this path has brought and will bring.


We access the „Akasha“, the so-called World Library. In the modern form of expression, the Akasha is actually the „Higgsfeld“, that which connects everything and everyone. Everything that has ever happened and will ever happen is already stored „somewhere“ in the so-called „quantum foam“, including all the potential futures. The I-AM, however, is rather the past, that which one still carries around as unresolved topics, from whence they may have come, whenever they have formed.


So, in Akasha medicine, we include the entire history of mankind, including the entire story of a single being, because everyone has their personal akasha, or story, stored in the DNA. This story can be retrieved, or „peck out“ relevant details to determine why, e.g. Fear of heights, the water eschews, etc. This is fear of heights from falling in other lives and fear of the water from experiences that one has made with water. Of course, this does not always have to come from another life, but many things simply can not be explained differently, just as special talents are not just a gift from God, but often enough over many lives, hard-won gifts.


This may contradict, at first sight, the Catholic religion, but on closer study it will be found that the doctrine of the re-incarnation in the First Council of Nicaea in 325 n. was consciously taken out of the turmoil of many lessons. However, the I-AM is not about any religion or belief. The thought of other lives serves the purpose of healing. With the help of the symbolism behind it, much can be understood and accepted and then healed. The entire I-AM is about the „I am,“ the person who has adopted a human body that is, in principle, just the tip of an iceberg, in such a way that behind it is a much larger being than you can see the first view of the body, namely a „spirit“, something that has mind and soul and therefore consciousness. However, just as the body shows only a small part of what is actually there, human awareness is only a tiny part of itself. The I-AM helps to become more and more aware of yourself and to understand why you look exactly the way you do or behave the way you do it, why exactly those feelings move a self or why you say what you do say.



The I-AM is a cure without of course any competition with conventional medicine. It has been developed in addition to everything that already exists in healing methods. Of course, there can be contradictions here and there, because man himself is a contradictory being. But as many years of practice show, it works very well. The more precisely it is worked out, the better it works and so we constantly strive to constantly improve all the documents and keep them up to date.


We work in the I-AM with

  1. the energy framework of the eight light bodies with its chakras, seals,“stars“ (chakras above the head), „eyes“ (chakras in which more than one another are in spatial relation, like the construction of an eye) and modules, such as the translation module in the middle of the forehead,
  2. the whole incarnation path of a being, which may include extraterrestrial incarnations and parallel dimensions,
  3. the records of and about a being. So this not only affects people, but can also include animals and other things. These records can be in the magnetic field of the earth or in the DNA, or the „magnetic heart“,
  4. all the many tools that have been developed here over the years, such as the Ascension Flames, the Ascension Portals and Healing Spaces, the Pilgrimage Routes around here and worldwide, the books (or the information therein) that were written in the Moment focus of Patrizia Alexandra Pfister, but when the proposed publisher is founded, will probably also come from other authors.

About me

My name is Patrizia A. Pfister.


In 1999 I was called to an event called the „Basel Psi Days“. At that time, I had no idea of esotericism, chakras, kundalini or even the topic „Ascension“. I went to individual lectures and wondered that there was more talk about topics such as „rebirth“, „peace“ and similar matters, all things that were self-evident somewhere. I also went to the affiliated esoteric fair, where I met palm readers, Coffee grounds readers (yes really) and such things, and everything seemed so suspect to me.


Finally, in the evening, I landed in a hall that I did not know was reserved for a special event, named the „Opening of the Third Eye.“


I only found out about this when people were asked several times to stay only if you wished.There were more than 100 people who came only for this event, some travelling by bus, so the hall filled quickly, I remained, as I thought, out of curiosity, and learned with the attendants, led by Rand Rajinder Singh, five divine names by heart, which, like a mantra, we had to repeat again and again, what I did well, although I did not expect anything to happen to me.


Instead of opening the third eye, however, something else happened: an energy bolt drove in me into the crown chakra, opened all the other chakras with it and drove out through the root chakra again. It was „pretty nice,“ but since I did not understand it, I did not attach much importance to it. What I now understood is how unusual my experience was and that the next 11 years became the result of that one moment.

A few weeks later I began to feel the root chakra, and more and more often as time pass. For years I was constantly in the woods and places of power around me and worked on my topics there, but I was not aware of it.

As so often, the explanations come later.


I asked a friend if what I was feeling was a chakra, and I had no idea what that might be, and when he confirmed it, I read everything I could get my hands on about Chakras and Kundalini and everything that was otherwise brought to my mind by spiritual literature. I have invested a lot of money in books, like many others, and I do not regret a cent !

Over time I could feel the sacral chakra, later the solar plexus chakra. However, before the heart chakra was reached, something called the „knot“ in the literature – there are three of them – dissolved and I was wrapped in a strong energy field. The Kundalini rose and as she reached the heart, a chisel was rammed into my heart in the middle of the night, at least that was how it felt.


At some point, the Kundalini then reached the pineal gland and this was expressed in such a way that my brain was flooded with light and I lay for hours in an energy field that did not let me go. It was such an extatic feeling that I did not want it to stop at all.

Since that time, I feel, also in the middle of the day, the Kundalini flow. I often feel the chakras when I wake up, which were stimulated by the day before and can feel again and again unitary chakras, which, however, contrary to what one reads , not the unit energy of the known seven chakras are but something else. Kryon gave me the 12-chakra system, and the layered construction of the Lightbody, and whenever a layer was completely repaired and back in full force, I could perceive that as a kind of unitary chakra.


On my excursions through nature, I heard a foreign voice in my head at a place of pilgrimage (that only happened twice, otherwise I always hear the translation of all messages with the help of my translation module in the third eye, so in my own mind voice). It asked : „Are you ready to spread divine messages?“.  I said yes, unaware of what it was all about. I was sent to many places of power, and whenever I came back from there, messages flowed into the computer, which then came to my first channeled book, „Das Regenbogenzeitalter, die Menschheit erwacht“ (The Rainbow age, Humanity awakes). I had already previously written books, but on other topics such as health and paleo-seti, formerly called pre-astronautics. Fascinatingly, my previous studies are now benefiting me, opening my mind to the vastness I need now.


Further books followed and then also seminars and individual sessions. Everything now fits together like a big puzzle called IRANTIA-Lichtakademie. This gives me great pleasure, but also fills me with wonder and awe, because I had not expected such a development. However, Kryon also told me that I unconsciously tried to „escape“ the Irantia Ascension School, which was called to life in 2010. And that can be, because having a spiritual school also involves responsibility. But I am ready to take on this responsibility now. But every IRANTIA student must be ready to take full responsibility for himself, therefore the corresponding ceremony is also included in the first section of the Ascension School.


As the development of the IRANTIA Ascension School entered a „hot“ phase, Kryon told me that I had to go through it completely as well. Then my betrayal chakra (at heart level on the back) hurt. I felt betrayed by this statement, because I had been told that I had clarified the Earthly and Galactic Light Body as far as it would be possible at present. It was not until I wrote these lines that I realized that in the last 11 years I had clarified what the original person in this body was still to clarify, and now the topics that I have brought with me, and that’s why I start again from the beginning. With this realization, I could close my peace with the matter. Knowing what it’s about is a lot easier to handle with many situations.


Over the 11 years, I was repeatedly thrown back into my body, which was expressed in various symptoms. I am extremely grateful to my body for being able to express these symptoms not all at once, but successively, otherwise I would not have survived all that, and sometimes it was close. If we were able to perceive everything at the same time, Kryon informed me, we would constantly scream in pain and mentally „go crazy“. We would not be viable anymore. If we could see our condition from the outside, we would probably scare to death. Through the last 11 years of clarification, I’m enjoying much better health now than I did in 1999, although I’m still a long way from being completely alright on all levels, I am getting closer. Through these symptoms, I found most of the chakras explained in „Kryon, Weckruf für die Menschheit“ (Kryon, Wake-up call for Humanity). They were not just given to me. Besides, a friend was involved because the knowledge about them seemed to be shared between us.


So it looks like I had the contract that I can take over this body when I’m doing the topics in it and now I have the freedom to do that for my new self as well. Something like soul exchange is rare. But what happens very often is that the spirit, which expresses itself through the body of a person, wants to „flow in“ completely, which can be similar in its effects, like a soul exchange. Clarifying the topics clears up and creates space for the More that every human being is. This spirit flows over the neck, as shown indirectly in Avatar, and this can be one of the most common problem areas.


So who am I? I ask myself this question quite often and the answer changes every time. Eventually, I am a kind of soul exchange. When did I „come in“? I guess it started when the energy got into this body in 1999.


Schwärzelbach, 22.03.2014